MVOA Decs and By-Laws:
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    - Part 2
    - Part 3

Executive Summary

Pet Buildings


"As a mature adult, I like the fact that I can wake to the sounds of chirping birds and the smell of fresh air. I no longer have to hire a handyman to do my outside work. It is much easier to just upgrade the appliances and decor to my liking. I have more time to sit on my patio and listen to an audio book and watch the squirrels and rabbits scatter about while drinking a cup of cappuccino and waiting for my laundry to finish."

"Once a month, we gather in the club house to discuss the book of the month; and, my kids and visitors enjoy playing a game of pool. I always look forward to the summer months when I am able to swim laps in the pool and talk with a diverse group of neighbors and friends while relaxing on a lounge chair and soaking in some free vitamin D."

"When we moved here from Michigan, we specifically were looking for nice housing, in a safe area, with great schools. We looked at condos in several North Shore communities and we found what we wanted in Manchester Village. Parkway Elementary is super! The daycare across the street from the condos at the old Good Hope School is wonderful. Plus, we get a pool to swim in and a pond to watch wild life. Our son, now 6, loves to walk the edge of pond and see the frogs age from tadpoles to full-grown."